Benefits of Live Streaming

Organizations are looking for innovative ways to deliver content to their audiences. When it comes to live engagement, live streaming is one of the many towering options with immense credibility and viability. Of late, online video strategists have been using multiple live streaming platforms with much glee. In their attempt to drum up attention of audiences and subsequently enlighten them, businesses have to pay attention to various factors such as production of onsite video content, transmission of content in all possible resolutions and formats, encoding of the content etc. For businesses to get audiences tuned in to their live streams is undoubtedly challenging. That being said, benefits of live streaming supersede the challenges.

Live Streaming Fosters Engagement

No doubt, physical events foster engagement. But physical events are confined to limited spaces. Live streaming augurs well for larger audiences. For instance, a particular section of people can be interested in attending your event. However, due to certain work commitments, audiences might not be in a position to attend. All such interested audiences can remotely access your video content under the umbrage of live streaming.

Fissures are surfacing in the fraternity of Content Marketers as they realized that content marketing cannot offer real-time user engagement. For instance, content marketers can quote the works, opinions and thoughts of influencers. However, live streaming platforms enable users to engage in conversations with industry influencers and opinion leaders.

No Geographical Constraints

Physical events are limited by geographical and size constraints. For instance, if a physical event is organized in a hall whose capacity is 2500, not more than 2500 will be able to watch your event ‘live’. In addition, you have to incur expenses such as rent, manpower expenses, etc. To do away with such geographical and size constraints, calls for live streaming platforms seem credible. Thanks to live streaming, people can remotely access your ‘live’ video content.That being said, you have to incur expenses on Content Delivery Networks (CDN), servers etc., so as to prevent undesirable hitches.

Flexibility of Multimedia

To entice your audiences with mellow and engaging content, you are required to use a wide variety of presentation methodologies. A common misconception stamped in the minds of naïve webmasters is that live streaming doesn’t offer the flexibility of using multimedia. Reality doesn’t go in-line with this myth. Live streaming offers superior flexibility when it comes to using multimedia such as text, live chat, pictures etc.

Live Streaming is Not Saturated

For all intents and purposes, live streaming platforms are digital marketing channels. Needless to say, digital marketing platforms get saturated and over-crowded quickly. Interestingly, live streaming is not yet saturated. That being said, it has become competitive. Businesses have realized the importance of live streaming to capture enough eye-balls. You should act now before it gets too late.

Live Streaming is Affordable

Just think about it, live streaming is incredibly affordable. You require live streaming software, hardware and an encoder. It all boils down to one-time investment. You can obviate perennial charges. If you use Facebook Live or Periscope, you require a laptop with decent camera specifications. Of course, good internet connection with great bandwidth is an absolute must-have.

Live Streaming Has an Edge over Blogging

Traditional blogging platforms such as WordPress etc. are not infallible. They can be dumped for good as they have to be properly configured. Moreover, if one digs out the number of hours it takes to write a well-researched article of 500 words, the number stands at 2 hours. 500 worded blog posts are not penetrative as they are comprehensive in the least. 1000 worded blog posts are rewarding. However, to write a well-researched article of 1000 words, you should invest 4 hours. Many content writers have been open about their displeasure against lengthy blog posts which often drain out their energies. Let us see what the trajectory of traditional video production platforms such as vlogs reveals: It takes an estimated 3 hours to create, edit and fine-tune a simple vlog.

Do you have any idea of how much time it takes to produce a 5-minute live video streaming feed? It takes exactly 5-minutes. Of course, it requires meticulous planning, testing and analysis. Believe me, live streaming is best fitted into modern day businesses’ scheme of things.

Targeted Audiences

Live streaming calls for unity and solidarity among the niche specific and highly targeted audiences thereby filtering unnecessary attention of undesirable audiences. In wake of such solidarity, it is highly unlikely that un-interested viewers will join your live streaming conversation. Sounds credible, doesn’t it?

Live Streaming Software Help You Track Analytics

Parading and mustering the attention of eye-balls doesn’t invite profits. Tracking and quantifying ROI (Return on Investment) is must. You need not latch on to analytics software and special dashboards. Live streaming software will provide deep insights on which live videos met your expectations, which live videos were crashing disappointments etc. You can get numbers on user engagement and behavior. You should be more than willing to track numbers and enact reformative actions.

Mobile Viewing

Mobiles are the best-loved electronic gadgets of people. With more than half of the entire video content being watched online, it is important to ensure that your live video streaming is accessible on smartphones and PDAs. Live streaming software will help you in this regard. If you want to establish your strong clout, purchase that live streaming software that enables you to play your video streams on mobiles and laptops through dynamic HTML5 players.

StreamNow offers ads-free professional live streaming services. Audience cannot ignore ads for long enough or for one too many times. Sooner or later, they are bound to dump your live streaming channel for pestering them with unwanted ads, pop-ups and spams. StreamNow is known for its crackdown on advertisements. To know more about its professional streaming services, please visit StreamNow.

If you have any doubts or concerns, feel free to drop a line or two in the comments section. I shall reply in a day or two. Keep watching this space for insights on live streaming platforms and live streaming software. My best wishes are with you and your live streaming venture. Cheers!

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