Broadcast Live Product Launch with Live Streaming Software

The most effective method for improving the sales and momentum of a product is through live streaming the product launch. Many businesses are implementing this method as it is a great way to build popularity for the new product which is all set to be released. The process may involve various steps such as the following:

· Managing end to end live streaming solutions like internet availability, venue booking, encoding and archiving video production.

· Customizing registration forms

· Customizing the Webcast page

· Broadcasting the event through social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

· Displaying the synchronized presentation with clear audio and video

· Live streaming the product launch or event

· Post event replaying of the recorded video or stream of the event

· Providing an option to download the documents

· Providing detailed analytic reports of viewers for the chosen options

Need of Live streaming platforms

Live streaming platforms have become a major part of product promotion strategy. Many companies organize the product launch and invite the media to telecast it to allure the audience. Webcasting enables the public to watch the events virtually throughout the world from any place. All they need is a mobile or a laptop with high speed internet connection to watch the live stream.

Companies have got a wide variety of social live options such as, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Periscope so as to promote their brands. But, each business has different live streaming needs.

Before selecting a live streaming platform, there are few considerations that need to be evaluated. Here is a very brief note on the considerations:

· Support: There needs to be an awesome support system for the viewers and as well as the companies. Live streaming platform has to identify the issue early and help the users and handle customer support problems and questions. When the live streaming events take place, they need to work consistently.

· Experience: The video content should have impressive features for the viewers. For all intents and purposes, it should be integrated with social media, and access from any device, live data feed and highlights.

· Branding: The impression should be reinforced in the organisation messaging and branding services. There has to be a convenient portal for viewing custom built content designed and drafted exclusively for the organizations. In addition, there should be ample provisions to upload notifications. Graphics and notes or news section need to be regularly upgraded such that users can know about the social activity and announcements of the organization.

· Monetization: This feature enables companies to get money from live stream events through pay-per-view (PPV) or ads and sponsorship. Funds generated in this way can help the program keep going or even improve it. One should easily earn decent revenue from the ads.

How to plan a Live streaming Event?

· Planning is essential for any launch event which is going to be live streamed. The whole event should be pre-planned and has to be scripted thoroughly.

· There needs to be a spokesperson who can effectively engage the crowd.

· For instance, Apple live launch events always include their speakers from different fields who are involved in the manufacture and configuration of the product. Apple events are addressed by engineers, design staff etc.

· Test the script before the main event as many times as possible before a small crowd, to get the real feeling of how the presentation can pan out.

· Release a few teasers before the main event on social media or on blogs and websites.

· Advertise about the live event or release dates.

· Release a few teasers to get thought leaders, critics and industry influencers on your bandwagon

· Send a few invitations about the live streaming event to journalists and influential individuals.


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