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Starting a video streaming website is the key to my story which can make the buyer the hero.

You must know that you’re running a good web service only when the open source community starts making clones after your product. That’s how Netflix, Vimeo, Hulu video streaming sites etc are smiling their way out.

Starting a video streaming website is easy if you have the right tools in your hand. The first points to be listed before starting a video streaming website is outline your work, set your timeframe and get paid for your work. It’s just finding out the right solution for your business.

Streamhash is a new venture for your search. It gives you the best features like 100% source code, Webscript, unlimited users, social logins, and multiple upload channels and many more. It provides the best movie streaming software that is accessible on all platforms like iOS and android. Adding to this you can also find some incredible themes and banner videos for apps. Streamhash provides the least payment pal and also demo on apps like Admin demo, User demo and the moderator demo. There is also a comment section for users to interact, add videos to your blog posts and also a social community for discussions.

But the question is how we can start a streaming website like Netflix and Hulu.

Remember the last time you just watched a movie online and the movie didn’t take much time to stream?

Here you have a list of points to go through.


Get your Domain

Its how the online world finds you. Your domain is the online address of your business. You will get the best domain in,,,, The first step to register domain would be, to search if your desired name is available or not. If the domain name is not already registered it is considered to be available for registration. Once the name is chosen, the next step is to pay for a registration fee. This whole process can be completed in less than 5 minutes. Since you will be hosting video files, you will need lots of storage space. The larger your premium package the more file storage space you will get. Purchase storage space or a premium membership with the online website resource of choice.

Server requirements

Register a website with the best web hosting packages like the server with a premium package. Video streaming requires a system to deliver HD video without causing audio lag. There are certain hosting websites like Digital Ocean and AWS which can be your option to choose. This requires high bandwidth requirements and tons of server space. Right off the bat you can use LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) Stack and Nginx server for streaming videos. The operating system is Linux which is your base player; Apache is your web server and PHP is used to drive and display all the data and allow for user interaction.

Website Design

Simple things make a huge impact. Speaking about the design of a video streaming website, it should be simple and attractive. The most important of developing and designing is done by PHP — a server programming language. Some features can help you in attracting people to your website like incredible themes, multiple upload channels, user to moderator upgrade and many more. You just need to find the relevant content that will keep viewers hooked to screens.

Video format

Videos are always in several different formats. The most common video file players include windows media, real media, MPEG, Adobe flash and Quicktime. The only need you have is to create a video streaming website like ustream that gives a comprehensive way of handling all video formats. You can also choose a video type from YouTube link and Video upload type from Amazon S3 Bucket.

Ad revenue

Now the major turnkey in a business is how you can generate revenue from a streaming video site. You can add subscription fees to your website, sell advertising space, endorse a product and promote it to the website visitors. Furthermore you have other opportunities to get paid each time someone clicks on the ads on your page. Businesses like Netflix, Twitch etc. are grounded on the monetizing strategy of video streaming. As the admin you can enable social icons and RSS feed video detail page to help viewers share video through social platforms. Apart from this set up webinars for people to dial in and learn about something you teach. During webinars the host will occasionally sell something of value to the listeners at the end. Like YouTube have too many new ads displayed in and out every moment.


There are 55% of the world’s population that watches videos on a daily basis. Here I am going to spill some beans on the benefits you get in this business:


Video streaming is the shortest stairs to popularity like you can say about YouTube. Within so less time YouTube is in the top of the iceberg. There are more sites which are just coming up with this new idea of video streaming like Netflix, Vimeo, Starz etc.

Grab the attention of Viewers

Videos can garner the attention of masses. This is where you need to bring traffic to your site. Add more and more contents to your website so that viewers are pushed to visit your website.

Terms of Use and Policy

Your services should be beautifully designed to allow people to watch videos but not use them illegally. These are your digital right which helps you to keep your videos safe and free from unauthorized access.

Here are certain readymade scripts other than Streamhash with which you can build your video streaming website on multiple platforms.

Are Your Ready to Start Your Own Video Streaming Website

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