Live streaming for Business: How, When and Why should you use it?

With visual content taking over the interests of online audience over other forms of content, more than 80% of respondents now prefer videos over blogs or other text based content. More engaging the content is, the better will be the response from the audience’s side.

Initially, picture based content were becoming popular over traditional online text content, followed by GIF content and now video is on the go. When we speak about the current trends in video content, live videos attract both the traditional TV audience as well as the internet audience base. Antennas and satellites are no more required to watch your favourite live events, and the best part is, live streaming in internet enables you to stream videos at your convenience.

When it comes to a business, it can flourish only if it can meet the requirements and interests of its potential audience. Let us now see some interesting facts on the interests of online audience.

- Facebook reports that live streaming videos are the most popular content feed among its users, receiving 10 times more comments and engagement over regular videos.

- 79% of the brand audience think that live streaming videos are more authentic and interactive than blogs or regular videos.

- Average time spent for viewing videos in mobile devices is 2.8 minutes for video-on-demand and 3.5 minutes for live videos.

- According to Tubular, viewer engagement is 8 times more for live videos than video-on-demand services.

- Facebook’s advertising statistics show that brands that live stream their videos generate 4 times more leads than brands with regular video content.

Live streaming videos have become the new trend surpassing VOD or any other form of content online. With the audience’s interests moving towards live streaming videos, businesses too have to adopt and evolve towards streaming better quality content for continuously engaging their consumer base.

Below is an infographic that details about the viewer preferences, top players and why brands should invest in live streaming videos.


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