Things to Consider Before Building A Video Conferencing App Like Zoom

Ever since the world was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been only one app about which we have been hearing again and again. As the entire world struggles to adapt to lockdowns and social distancing, Zoom is one go-to application that people rely upon, including both individuals and businesses. The sudden rise in the popularity of video conference apps like Zoom has to do with more organizations trying to adapt their business operations by using video conferencing tools to manage their employees working from home. Video chatting apps like Zoom helps employees of an organization to take part in online meetings.

What are the benefits of video conferencing?

Video conferencing facilitates organizations to connect and collaborate with different members and conduct online video meetings effortlessly. With the video conference app Zoom, you can connect with people across the world on cross platforms too.

In fact, video chatting is expected to be the preferred business communication tool in the future as well. Now, what are the benefits of video conferencing? Let’s look into the advantages of video conferencing apps in depth.

Improved productivity

It improves attendance and connects the team efficiently

Improves the scalability of your business

Better employee retention

Organized meetings with improved communication

Sustained competitive advantage

Features that make apps like Zoom unique

Virtual background

HD audio and video


Calendar scheduling

Real-time chat

Integrate real-time chat in your business video conferencing. The interface must be built in a way that facilitates one-chat and group chats effortlessly.

Transcription and recording

Screen sharing

Hand raising

This feature allows users to virtually hand raise if they want to express the response to any action. This gives users the same feeling as if sitting in a room together while video conferencing.


Safety features

Choosing the development platform

Before starting to build your own video conference system, decide on the type of target platform you would be using. This is essential as it helps in determining the tools and overall costs required in the development process. You must also consider the platforms where you want your video conferencing application to run- Desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.

You can choose a couple of platforms or all of these platforms to host your video conferencing app. You must go with an approach that is best suited for your app’s requirements, the resources available at your disposal, and according to the budgetary locations. You can also consider going web-based or native as well.

The future of the video conferencing market

Video conferencing apps not only help to support the need for communication and collaboration and being up-to-date. Considering the need for real-time collaborations helps the team members to stay connected with each other which cannot happen over the one-one class. Video conferencing apps like Zoom is an essential addition to any organization that relies on both intra and intercommunication.

It is quite natural for any aspiring startups to capitalize on this new wave of business that has transcended to new heights since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Though the market might seem saturated, there is always space for new players with innovative ideas. With in-depth market research, you can create video conferencing apps that capitalize on a specific niche with features that are helpful for your target users.

Cost to build a video conferencing app like zoom

Developing a video conferencing app from scratch is an expensive affair and would take a lot of time and effort. Another recommended method is to use a ready-made solution that can be customized according to your specific requirements thereby reducing the cost considerably. The overall cost to create a video conferencing app like Zoom can range anywhere between $20,000- $50,000 or even more depending on the average cost of developers and the customizations you require. Whereas developing a Zoom like app using a clone script would cost you just $699-$1499 making it a more viable option.


After shortlisting the video chatting solutions, do in-depth research to understand the solution that offers the best value for the price you pay. The future for video chatting is constantly evolving as the technology evolves facilitating more engaging video conferencing experience.