Why Nodejs is the First Choice for Building an E-Commerce Marketplace

The e-commerce software application market had an estimated value of around 5 billion USD in 2018 and is forecast to grow to approximately 6.3 billion USD by 2023. Everyone is looking for a web application that is fast, simple, easy, yet powerful, and flexible. This is possible only with a comprehensive programming platform.

The below graph shows the rise in the usage of Node.js in the past year.

There must be some reason why many Corporate Giants like GoDaddy, IBM, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Netflix, PayPal, SAP, Walmart, Yahoo, Amazon, Netflix, eBay, Reddit, Tumblr, etc use Node.js. In the below article, we discuss the reasons why Nodejs has become so popular.

What is Node.js and Why was it developed?

In 2009 Ryan Dahl, an American Software Engineer agitated by the incompetency, slowness, and average performance of programming languages developed a JavaScript framework that is concurrent, easy to write faster-networked software, supports multiple users, and use memory efficiently.

Given all the advantages of Node.js, the distance to your dream of starting your own online business will be reduced by a considerable amount. Reasons being,

● Node JS can increase applications’ performance by 50%

● It reduces development cost by 58%

Starting a multi-vendor marketplace platform is the safest choice in the current times. And given we already have many prominent role models in the field, we can take a few pointers by observing their operations and carve out a niche of our own in the field.

The latest studies show that Node.js is the best programming framework needed to build an efficient multi-vendor marketplace. Below, we have stated some of the reasons for you to choose Node.js for your online store development too.

So, why should Node.js be the first choice for building an E-Commerce Marketplace?

In 2018 alone, Node.js was downloaded more than 360 million times, with an average of 1 million downloads per day. 78% of all downloads are for Linux, 17% Windows, and 5% macOS. Downloads of all versions of Node.js show a 40% year-on-year growth from the time of its inception. The leading name in the online business industry, Amazon Web Service is a primary environment for production-level Node.js.

Node JS is also a part of the MEAN.js (or MEAN stack) programming bundle, which also includes MongoDB, Express.js, and Angular.js. All these components utilize the same programming language — JavaScript which makes it easier and more efficient.

Below are the reasons which make Node.js the most preferred programming framework to create an online store.

  1. Fast execution: It operates over Chrome V8, a javascript engine. This engine parses the script ad directly converts the javascript code into machine code hence optimizing the execution.
  2. No waiting period: The feature of concurrent execution is what makes it so time-sensitive. If there is a delay in the response by the server, then it simply moves on to the next request. And when the response is ready the server directly sends it to the client concurrently.
  3. Cost-effective: Node.js can be used at both server and the client sides making it easier on the owner’s pockets and also save a lot of resources.
  4. Excellent support and usage: Node.js has grown exponentially since its conception and has now formed a vibrant community that is spread all over the globe. It also has great corporate sponsorship as many companies have adopted it as their full-time development environment.
  5. Javascript framework: Given node.js can be used on the server and client sides, the whole environment will be coded in Javascript eliminating the drawbacks of configurational issues, slow response time, environment support problem, and many more.
  6. Contemporary CodeBase: Previous programming languages like PHP and ASP.net can be easily found online and a number of online stores are already designed using them. However, Node.js is the latest cutting edge technology equipped with contemporary tools for the new generation of developers. It is extremely competent and accommodating with updated tools, the latest security methods, and a larger library.
  7. Single-threaded platform: Node.js operates asynchronously and has a unique method of Event Loop mechanism. This is also advantageous in performing non-blocking input and output operations. This feature alone makes it a star software framework.
  8. Leverages NoSQL database: Node.js is compatible with both SQL and NoSQL like CouchDB and MongoDB. It also executes queries through graph-based database systems like Neo4j. It’s compatibility with JSON (JavaScript Object notation) also allows it to work without SQL. These features help it to use the same syntax for the web browser side, server-side, and database side scripting making it more seamless and flexible.
  9. Perfect for Real-time application: The Non-Blocking Input/Output feature of Node.js makes this the need of the hour to develop real-time applications such as chats, gaming apps, and some event-based programs that are currently in huge demand in the market.
  10. Best for Data Streaming: The web browser treats HTTP’s request and response as independent and isolated events. HTTP request moves through a single data stream, increasing the speed of its execution. This feature also helps in reducing the processing time to a much faster extent.
  11. Scalability: Node.js’s asynchronous operation makes it extremely scalable as it provides customizable features to even the simplest of applications. NodeJS provides scalability to online e-commerce platforms in 2-ways: Horizontal scaling and Vertical scaling
  12. Open Source and Cross-Platform: Node.js is the biggest open-source, cross-platform of JavaScript language that provides optimum plug-ins and allows easy creation of web servers and networking tools.

Hope you got some of your doubts cleared and questions answered by the above article. Node.js is not just any other short term updated technology but it is the future technology that is going to stay and help more to build e-commerce platforms successfully.

Choose wisely and get started!


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